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Local guys hanging out talking about local sports.


Frankie: Come join the fun. Just everyday banter about what really matters - sports. And not just any sports, but Philly sports.

John: That was lame.

Frankie: What was wrong with that? Like thats all there is to say, right?

John: Yeah, but you don't have to make it sound like a hair tonic commercial.

Frankie: Ok smart @#$ - you tell them about the website.

John: You're an idiot.

:: Team BIOs

John Crichton, Co-founder of 215 sports and Co-Host of 215 Live. I'm currently in an unhealthy relationship with the Sixers but we're working on our issues. I'm Abington born but Frankford raised. Saving my section of the world 8 hours at a time. Wondering, Is there more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking? 

Frankie Donahue, Co-founder of 215Sports and Co-Host of 215 Live. I love all my Philly teams but the Eagles and Sixers are at the top for me.  I trust The Process, Celebrate every Wentzday, Think Pete Rose should be in the HOF and still hate Matthew Barnaby

Jim Marquess, Philly born and raised from Juniata Park to the Great Northeast. Falcon (NORF), Nittany Lion, and Hawk proud.  Devoted Dad and lifelong Eagles season ticket holder (passed down). Amateur BBQ chef, craft beer and live music enthusiast.  Things I will always believe:  the Eagles need a WR, the Flyers need a goalie, the Patriots are cheaters, Han shot first, and golf is not a sport.

CJ is a columnist with 215Sports covering all things Flyers. He started skating as soon as he could walk and his firsat hockey game came shortley after that. He spent his teenage years traveling the country playing AAU and USA-Inline Roller Hockey tournaments.His passion for the sport was started at a young age and has a true love for it.

Pat Kelly is a writer for 215Sports who covers the Sixers.  He has loved basketball his whole life.  He played high school ball at Father Judge and AAU since he was a kid. Pat is a Sixers fan for life and huge supporter of the process.  Please feel free to add him on twitter @SkyhawkKelso and don't be afraid to share your thoughts on the Sixers with him.

Ryan Sweeney is a teacher, coach, and lifetime Philly sports fan. Sweeney's first love is baseball, but is also a diehard Eagles fanatic. 

Scott Anderson Jr. has been playing and following baseball since he was a little kid. Die-hard Phillies fan!

Sean Doris was born in Elmwood Park in South Philly and moved to Parkwood in the Great Northeast at the age of 12.  Sean is a graduated Archbishop Ryan in 1994 where he played baseball and Bowling.  Sean has a very loving and supporting wife and is a father of 4.  Sean coaches youth Baseball and Ice Hockey.  Sean is a Philly sports fan but especially loves the Flyers and all things hockey, except the stinkin Penguins and Cindy Crosby (haha).  Sean covers the Flyers and NHL for 215Sports and offers his opinions on all other Philly teams.  LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!!

Steve Lybrand Part time writer - Full time Kung Fu expert. Puck handling phenom. Playground legend known mostly for my free throw shooting and my career 20% three point shooting. Extremely humble.

Deke Martin - My love of sports dates to roughly 1970. It started with the Eagles.  My dad had season tickets at Franklin Field and at The Vet. I saw many bad teams at the vet but loved every minute of it with my dad and watching all the entertainment around the stadium. My love of sports has continued through today. I like to think I have passed on that love to my two sons.

Ryan Haase is a columnist for 215 Sports covering the Sixers. He grew up in Lancaster, PA with a strong passion for sports. He decided to take his talents to Temple University where he grew love for sports radio. He is currently the host of "Smack Talk" on WHIP student radio on Saturdays and does weekly podcasts. He is a true believer of the process and can not wait to see a Sixers championship.

David Fenster - A loyal fan and season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Eagles standing at 5’6” in stature (in Timberlands). People would say I’m more known for my voice volume rather than my height. A late blooming athlete who likes to reside outside the three point line. I like to joke around, but when talking about sports, that’s my passion. I currently host and produce “Smack Talk” on W.H.I.P (Philly’s number one college radio station) alongside my good pal Ryan Haase. A process truster and an Eagles lover. @davidfenster_tu on twitter