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Jul 19, 2017

With the 2017-2018 NBA Season right around the corner, so is the release date for the new 2K video game NBA 2K18! Every season, the hot discussion amongst the basketball community is what their favorite player’s ratings will be; although in reality, these ratings are absolutely meaningless. Joel Embiid was the first Center to receive his 2K rating and his reaction was no shock.

On Monday afternoon, Embiid was asked in an interview what he thought his 2K rating would be. He responded that he was deserving of a 95, but was told that he was way off with an 86. Mr. Process then tweeted to the public how unhappy he was with his 86 rating. He joked,

“My Durability rating must've not allowed my 2k rating to be at least 95????!!!! Gotta work on...  

Jul 19, 2017

Every offseason there’s always rumors about where stars will go.  This offseason, the Sixers were fortunate to add two veterans who have been a part of many playoff teams their entire careers in JJ Reddick and Amir Johnson.  These two players will add the veteran presence the Sixers have longed for ever since the start of “The Process”.  However, teams with a lot of cap space (like the Sixers and Lakers) are looking forward to the summer of 2018 when the LeBron James sweepstakes open up again for the first time (where there is a chance he leaves) since 2010.

I see on social media that people think if LeBron were to leave Cleveland again, his destination would automatically be Los Angeles.  I have quite a few ideas that would make Philadelphia a realistic destination for The King.  Besides ob...  

Jul 18, 2017

Ever since the Sixers were fortunate enough to acquire the number one overall pick from the Boston Celtics, the entire city has been speculating how all of this young talent will mesh together.  With players like Fultz, Simmons, and Embiid being compared to players such as James Harden, Magic Johnson, and Hakeem Olajuwon, the summer league is where we evaluate how the role players will pan out (with the exception of Fultz).  When Fultz went down with the ankle injury, the entire city held its breath.  But lucky enough for us, it was just a sprain and there’s no need for major concern

. Two players that caught my eye the over the past few weeks were Jonah Bolden and Furkan Korkmaz.  These guys are going to be complimentary role players when they put on their jerseys this fall (with the exception of Bolde...  

Jul 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day

Over my sports lifetime (mid-80s on) there have been too many players to count for whom I celebrated their independence from our beloved city.  Either they were high draft picks that didn’t meet their potential or they came in a blockbuster trade and fell flat on their face.  So, in honor of Independence Day and DGB’s recent cut, remember with me the following players that couldn’t have left Philly any sooner. 

Eagles: Danny Watkins - The MVF - most valuable fireman.  I have the utmost respect for Danny’s dedication to his volunteer firefighter service, but his time in the NFL didn’t light anyone on fire.  (Man that was hacky) Watkins was the Eagles first-round pick in 2011, an...  

Jun 30, 2017

Philadelphia fans at long last have two teams to be genuinely excited about after several years of slogging through mediocrity. The Eagles and 76ers are poised to make some serious noise in the coming seasons for each team. While I don’t expect a championship run, nevertheless each team can make a playoff push in their sport and make the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons a time of fun, excitement, and anticipation for the seasons beyond. I’d like to offer my two cents worth on the men that currently lead each team and how it may play out for each.

Doug Pederson was hired as a direct response to the disaster that was the Chip Kelly Experiment. Owner Jeffrey Lurie wanted to return to a more stable and successful era in his time as owner. Since there was no way he could hire Andy Reid he figured he&rs...  

May 18, 2017

Good question.  On Tuesday night the process came to a close and now Bryan Colangelo and the rest of the Sixers front office have a big decision to make come June 22nd.  The ping pong balls told us that our pick swap with the Kings came to use as the Sixers were granted the number 3 spot in this year’s draft.  Having already filled the need of a point guard, small forward, and center with Simmons, Saric, and Embiid, the only thing the Sixers need is a playmaker and this draft class is loaded with them.

It’s very likely that Boston and L.A will go with Fultz and Ball in that order.  That leaves the Sixers with everyone else.  After hearing rumors of an extended deal for Covington which (will ultimately put him in the starting lineup), you have Simmons as the primary ball handler, Saric on the wing,...  

Apr 17, 2017

What do you expect to see from the Sixers next season expect next year?


Ryan: My expectations of the 2017-2018 campaign are unlike my predictions the previous 3 years.  Embiid, Simmons, Saric, Holmes, and Paul George? Yes, I expect a big free agent signing in the off-season or even trading our picks to the Pacers for George. I truly believe that this team will make the playoffs and starting a new identity for the Philadelphia 76ers. The month of January (10-5 record) will reflect a whole season next year. 

Pat: Next year is a key year for the Sixers to turn the organization into a winning team. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid should be starting the year healthy and it will be exciting to see what they can...  

Apr 14, 2017

Flashback: April 2012- The Philadelphia 76ers were just eliminated in the Eastern Conference Semifinals by the Boston Celtics.  That was the last time we as Sixer fans would see an attempt to win basketball games.  This was the start of “The Process”. 

The term “tanking” soon became an every day word for natives of the 215 and as years passed, it caught on with the entire country.  Now, in April of 2017, one emoji put a nail in the coffin to “The Process”. 

“Green Check.  We Live”

That tweet put the Sixer community in a new gear.  A new direction that will put the 76ers in position to make a playoff run after a five year drought.  Number one overall pick Ben Simmons has...  

Apr 7, 2017

Occasionally on Philly sports airwaves you will hear the hosts conducting various polls on what will be the next team to win a championship or which GM is doing a better job in player procurement, etc. I don’t recall hearing any such poll on the head coaches of our beloved Philly sports teams. So I’d like to switch it up a bit and do a comparison of the coaches. I’m not looking to ask and answer that age old question of who’s next to win a chip but to compare job performance thus far and offer an opinion as to who should stick around for the foreseeable future.

I’ll begin with the Eagles head guy, Doug Pederson. He was brought on board after a questionable interview and hiring process by newly reinstated GM Howie Roseman. After Howie’s “Scouts honor, pinkie promise&rd...  

Apr 4, 2017

“Trust The Process” has become the battle cry of every team in a rebuild and it’s about time to retire that saying. I, for one do not trust the process and as more and more teams in every sport have adopted this saying as a way of telling their fans to “stop complaining and jump on board because we know what we are doing”, I have noticed that it has become the way that front offices dismiss any criticism for lying too and stealing from their fans.

For those of us that have followed the Sixers rebuild, we know that this started with Sam Hinkie in 2013 when he took over as the general manager and team president. He made it clear that they would take a different approach to the draft and the way they did business. This was followed by a series of trades for draft picks and then more trades for veteran players that would never suit up. “The pr...  

Mar 22, 2017

It was February 23rd, 2017 Nerlens Noel was traded to the Dallas Mavericks for Justin Anderson, 2 second round picks, and Andrew Bogut. At the time, our fan base was questioning the credibility of Bryan Colangelo. The trade seemed perplexing and didn't seem to get back equal value for Noel. 

As it turns out management had something up their sleeve. The trade allowed Richaun Holmes to blossom. During the course of the year, Holmes was the forgotten man on the Sixers depth chart. He was the guy at the end of the bench in sweats in the back of the huddle. The likes of Embiid, Saric, Noel, Okafor and Ilyasova were the 5 man rotation for big men on the Sixers for a better part of the first half of the season. Holmes was even sent down to the 87ers, the Sixers D league team, for a 2 week stretch so he co...  

Feb 24, 2017

The trade deadline came and went. Vigorous twitter refreshing has come to and end and at the end of the day the Sixers has left us surprised. Okafor is still on the team and the beloved Noel is gone along with Ilyasova. Let's break down both deals and see how it benefited the Sixers and their long term plan.

Let's starts with Ilyasova being traded to the Hawks in return for Tiago Splitter and two second round picks. Sixers did a good job on this deal. They give away Ilyasova who is having a great season with the Sixers. Unfortunately, he is an expiring contract and an aging player in a position that is a log jam for the Sixers at this point so you can make a safe bet that they wouldn't resign him. The move will clear up playing time for Dario who is really starting to turn it on and fit in well in the...  

Feb 16, 2017

There are three players to watch on this year’s team I consider worthy of acknowledgement. They would be TJ McConnell, Robert Covington, and Richaun Holmes. That does not mean there are not others worthy too, there are a few more, I would just like to note these three. I know TJ does get his fair share of the spotlight, especially hitting a couple of recent game winners, but I just really love the way he plays the game. In all sports teams have superstars, if they are lucky enough, stars, solid players, and role players to compliment everyone else and to fill out a roster. These three are a mix of those categories. I think each have carved out a spot on this team for the present and in the future of this team.

I’ll start with Richaun Holmes. He came to the Sixers as the 37th pick in the...  

Feb 5, 2017

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, the Sixers conversation has been dominated by what will happen with Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel. With the obvious log jam down low, one or both has to get moved. Some say we should keep Noel and some think Jah will develop into the better player and it’s been a debate that has been going on for months now. I think both need to go. Both have serious flaws in their games. Jah is defensively challenged and he lacks the will to be a good rebounder in the NBA. Nerlens lacks the ability to develop an offensive game and to be honest, after 4 years, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.  Why waste minutes on two guys that are missing what the other has? So like I said, both need to go.

Now I’m sure everyone realizes that we are going to take ...  

Feb 5, 2017

Simmons needs to play.

The Sixers look like the are set on the right path. Joel Embiid has revamped the organization and gives us a glimpse of a bright future. There is one major piece missing and that is Ben Simmons.
Ben Simmons was the first pick of last years draft and has yet to see a minute of playing time in the regular season because of an injury. When we got to see him play in the preseason we saw a kid with an incredible basketball IQ and great court awareness.

The good news for Sixers fans is he is close to coming back. Each week he is having less practice restrictions and I think that I can speak for everyone in Philly when I say we can't wait to see what the kid can do next to Embiid.

Sixers Still Tanking?
Jan 26, 2017

My response to that question depends on who you are asking. If you were to go ask someone in the front office and ask a higher up I am of the belief it would be a “Yes” if you were to say this is strictly off the record or in total confidentiality and provide no names. I say that because the actions of the front office scream that to me. Take Joel Embiid for instance. Understandably, at the beginning of the season, they handled him with kid gloves. He’s the future, the franchise, and presently he’s the reason people are buying tickets. He started off at about 20-22 minutes per game. They have painstakingly inched his minutes up to about 27-29 per game. His Australian medical handlers, oddly enough, spoke of “Load management”. He did mention a couple of weeks ago that he has a slight case of dead legs. The only way to ge...  

Dec 20, 2016

If you’re a fan of the Philadelphia 76ers then you most certainly have heard of the process by now. It’s a rebuild that is currently in season four. The Sixers have drafted players the last three drafts that were to be a part of that rebuild, and because of injuries to some of those players pre-draft, found themselves with three big men. All three players at one point or another were projected to go number one in their perspective draft classes. For this article, we’re going to concentrate on one of the selected big men that has been in the spotlight as of late because of negative comments he has made in the media. Nerlens Noel. The Sixers got Noel in the 2013 draft after he was selected 6th overall by New Orleans, then traded to the Sixers for point guard Jrue Holiday. Philadelphia also got PG Michael Carter-Williams in the same draft. G...  

Dec 13, 2016

With so much emphasis being put on the Sixers front court, We thought we'd take a look at another position that is currently in a state of confusion, the guards.
Before the season started we heard from coach Brett Brown who when asked about what position their newly acquired number one pick Ben Simmons would play stated, “My intention is to give him the ball,” Brown said. “I think that ultimately he’s going to be groomed to be a point guard.” DANA SCOTT
Contributing writer to Complex Media. Then came the injury to Ben's foot, a fracture that would keep him out until at least January. Because of the injury to SImmons, the Sixers were going to have to jockey around some guys to spots that they probably didn't expect they would have to.

To start, they acquired guards Ger...  

Nov 25, 2016

Don't look now, The Philadelphia 76ers are actually playing competitive basketball, and legitimately trying to win games. They are currently on a 5 game homestand, with game 4 being tonight against Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls. The Sixers are coming off a double overtime loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday. It was a hard fought game, where the Sixers actually led from basically the opening tip. Memphis is a veteran team with Western Conference playoff experience and down the stretch, and into both OT's it showed. Coach Dave Fizdale leaned on his big men Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph and his highly paid point guard Mike Conley, who have been three staples to the Grizzlies squad over the past several years. Gasol led the way with 27 points and Conley chipped in 25, with 9 rebs and 9 asts. Randolph only had 11 pts but most of his baskets came in key s...  

Nov 22, 2016

Watching the Philadelphia 76ers play, you would have noticed that they have had a real struggle finding the all important knock down shooter that is essential in the NBA these days. When you are building your team around a super talented big man who's capable of finding the open shooter when he's double and triple-teamed, it's even more crucial.

Back in July of 2015, the Sixers highly criticized GM Sam Hinkie orchestrated what may end up being his most significant trade when he phoned Vlade Divac and the Sacramento Kings. Hinkie and Divac agreed on a deal that would net the Sixers Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, and Nik Stauskas. Hinkie also fleeced Vlade for a right to swap picks in future drafts, which could finally be a great deal next summer. Although the pick swap was what was considered the steal of the trad...  


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